The Golden Dog - The Legend

The story goes that back in the times of abundant gold mining in the area, one day a man ran into the pub showing off a rather large gold nugget.  He and locals alike all agreed that it was very much in the shape of a dog, a Golden Dog, and this is where the pub got its name.   At least, this is the legend that Steph and Brendon were passed when they bought the pub in 2018, and they are sticking with that.




The History

The first license for a hotel in Glenreagh was granted in 1896, and was located at a different site further up the street.  The pub was relocated to its current site and was re-opened in 1916.  A fire destroyed this building in 1940 with a new premises erected on the same site.  The 'new' pub was officially opened in 1945 and called "The Golden Dog Hotel".

The Pub burnt down for a 2nd time in June 1991.  The current building was built back up on top.

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The Dog

In 2011 a prior owner of the pub, Warren Dean, commissioned a four metre tall six metre long dog statue with the intention of it becoming a tourist attraction for travellers along the Orara Way. The project was a special one for Warren Dean, because he was one of the cement renderers who put the peel on the Big Banana, which had been completed in 1964.

See article in Coffs Coast Advocate circa 2011